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Intermediate Day/Overnight Camp

Welcome to the ultimate horse-lover's paradise! Our Kids Intermediate Day/Overnight Camp is offering an overnight trip to the picturesque CleElum Equestrian Park offers an unforgettable experience for young riders seeking a deeper connection with their equine companions.

🌟 Intermediate Day/Overnight Camp for Young Equestrians 🌟


Camp Highlights:

  1. Overnight Stay at CleElum Equestrian Park: Immerse yourself in the magic of the great outdoors as you spend a night under the stars at the CleElum Equestrian Park. Campers will bunk in cozy tents, sharing stories around the campfire, and forging lasting friendships.

  2. Trail Ride Adventures: Embark on thrilling trail rides through the breathtaking landscapes surrounding CleElum. Explore scenic trails, and discover the joy of riding in nature.

  3. Arena Work: Sharpen your riding skills in the park's state-of-the-art riding arena. Dedicated instructors will guide campers through exercises to improve their trot and canter, ensuring a well-rounded equestrian experience.

  4. In-Depth Horse Care: Learn the art of horsemanship with hands-on sessions focusing on advanced horse care. Campers will delve into the intricacies of horse health, mastering techniques to measure vital signs and gaining valuable insights into wound management.

  5. Saddle Fitting Workshop: Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of a well-fitted saddle. Campers will participate in saddle fitting workshops, ensuring the comfort and well-being of their equine companions during rides.

  6. Tuesday Night Overnight Adventure: On Tuesday night, campers will experience the thrill of camping under the stars. Together, we'll prepare a delicious dinner, share stories around the campfire, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow horse enthusiasts. Rise to the sounds of nature and enjoy a hearty breakfast before another day of horse-filled adventures.

  7. Preparing for an Overnight Horse Trip: Discover the secrets of preparing for an overnight horse trip, from packing essentials to setting up a safe and comfortable campsite. Campers will learn the importance of planning, teamwork, and responsibility.


What to Expect:

This camp goes beyond riding—it's about fostering a true partnership with these majestic animals. Our experienced and caring staff create a supportive environment where campers can build confidence, develop new skills, and forge lasting memories.

Join us for an adventure-filled journey into the world of horsemanship at CleElum Equestrian Park, where the bond between horse and rider is celebrated, and young equestrians discover the joy of connection, responsibility, and the thrill of the ride. Saddle up for an experience of a lifetime! 🐴✨

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