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Instructors work closely with their students, adjusting and advancing the course of study based on each unique rider’s needs. Our team of instructors specializes in all levels of riding for a multitude of disciplines including English, Western, Jumping, Dressage, and Equitation. Individual lessons provide the rider with the opportunity to focus on developing their strengths and correcting their weaknesses.


In addition, Cougar Mountain Stables houses over 35 horses in order to address a variety of skill levels. As the riders progress through the levels and acquire new skills or explore different disciplines, Cougar Mountain Stables can provide horses that accommodate the riders’ unique needs. Riders also have the option of leasing horses in order to continue fine-tuning their riding skills.


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Our Program

Cougar Mountain Stables is a family-owned and operated facility, focusing on horsemanship and creating a strong riding foundation. Our team of instructors has a wide variety of experiences, from dressage to working cow horse, who work closely with each student towards the student's goals. We care deeply for every one of our horses and focus on creating caring and independent horse owners, leasers, and riders. We believe that horses have a lot to offer, both on the ground and under saddle, therefore we have created a unique and well-rounded program to focus on a diverse set of horse care and horsemanship skills that will set you up for success. 

We proudly offer the finest in training techniques and skills with the objective of helping riders attain their full potential, whether their goals are to compete or just riding for pleasure. We value taking the time to learn concepts correctly, compared to simply focusing on showing or earning ribbons. We cover the skills necessary to build and maintain an athlete, which not only ensures enhanced performance but also maintains a horse's longevity, no matter what discipline! Our family-oriented environment keeps all our riders and horses happy.


The goal of these programs is to make the riding experience one which you will always remember. Each rider is sure to make great new friends, build confidence, measurably improve his or her riding skills, and gain a deeper respect and love for animals. Safe ponies and horses with quiet temperaments, coupled with expert teaching from instructors, can lead to a wonderfully satisfying experience. Once the student is feeling comfortable on horseback, it is possible for them to participate in one of our many group programs.

Horsemanship instruction is taught with an emphasis on safety and understanding. On horseback, students are instructed using basic Balanced Seat style for correct posture, balance, communication with the horse. Skills are taught using games, obstacle courses, and other fun activities with friends of equal skill. On the ground, students learn to groom, lead, bridle, and saddle the horses they ride. Advanced groups may focus on specific topics and theory such as colt training, jumping, dressage, and other technical knowledge. Safety and responsible care of the horse are always emphasized.


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Kids Riding Horses

Horsemanship Series

We're excited to implement a program similar to our short summer sessions, using our horsemanship series!  This is the first program of it's kind, offering workbooks, skill testing, and patches for level achievements. Our program offers a progression of levels to create well rounded and confident horsemen. Students can progress at their own speed, working in groups of varying size depending on skill level until the student is prepared to level up to the next class. 

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Dressage Horse

Adult Horsemanship Series

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Current Offerings

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We're excited to offer our popular horsemanship series for adults as well! We will keep our website up to date with when this program will open.


Horsemanship 101

For all students that are new to horses, it is highly advised to go through our Introduction to Horsemanship 101 class before taking lessons Intro to Horsemanship 101 is designed for students to take a tour of our facility, ask questions, and take this session from the ground. This is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of horses!


In this class, we will teach you the basics of horse psychology, anatomy, feeding, daily chores, learn safety and grooming, tack anatomy and application, breeds and colors, conformation, horse care, and more! We will teach you how to be safe and have fun while learning about these amazing creatures. Please note, no riding in this class.

  • Many students that do not attend this class will spend 3/4th of their time learning how to do everything above during their lesson.

  • If you have attended a Cougar Mountain Stables summer camp you do not need to attend the Horsemanship 101!

  • Please note this does not guarantee or open any additional instructor blocks of time.

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Evaluation Ride

This is a vital step to placing riders into our program. An evaluation ride helps us to match you with one of our skilled instructors in order to pursue your goals!


What you can expect in an evaluation ride,

- Show us your skills on the ground and under saddle

- Demonstrate grooming knowledge and basic anatomy

- Discuss riding goals and previous experience

- Show your skills under saddle

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Private Lessons

Enjoy the one on one instruction with a trainer that can meet your needs at any level. All riders new to CMS start with a Private lesson, no matter the riding experience. We start teaching private lessons at 5 years old.

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Semi-Private Lessons

Want to ride with a friend or fellow rider? Then enjoy this hour-long lesson where two people can learn not just from the instructor but from each other. To ride in a Semi-private, both riders must first be evaluated in separate private lessons.

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Group Lessons

This lesson includes three or more students, one main instructor, and one or two working student instructors. To ride in a group all riders must first have an instructor evaluate their ability. Then you can join or create a group with riders who have similar skills and goals.

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WSI Lessons

These lessons are only for youth beginners that are just starting lessons. We have several student instructors that are working towards being a main instructor with us here at Cougar Mountain Stables! We all need to start someone where and this is a great opportunity to ride with an excellent student instructor at a discounted rate.

Many of the Working Student Instructors have been riding with us for years and know our program and currently take lessons themselves to further their education. They are considered Intermediate to Advanced riders and have a true passion for horses. Many of them own their own horses or are currently full leasing one of ours.

Once a student is comfortable saddling, riding at a walk, and halting we highly suggest joining our group lessons for more fun and games!

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