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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer trail rides?

We do not offer trail rides. Thank you for your interest!

Do you offer pony rides?

We only offer pony rides during scheduled fundraising events. We do not offer or allow drop-ins.

I want to come to tour the barn, when can I do this?


We are a family-owned and operated facility and do not have standard operating hours or an office. Because of this, we do not allow drop-ins, but we are happy to schedule a tour with you! Send an email including your name + interest (boarding or otherwise), and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I want to volunteer! How can I do this?


Unfortunately, our volunteer program is currently closed due to Covid-19

Check out our volunteer page above, and fill out our form! Our volunteer program is still being finalized. We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm to help us out!





I'm interested in having a horse-themed birthday party at CMS. How do I schedule this?


Unfortunately, our party program is currently closed due to Covid-19

Check out our birthday party page above! There you will find our package options and availabilities. Once you have made a decision, send us an email to schedule!

I want to sign up for lessons! How do I do this?


Look at our lesson page under "NEW openings" for current availability. 

New spots tend to fill up quickly! If the program you are interested in says "currently full" then we do not have any openings. 

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