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Horseback Riding Camp 2023 !

Do you have a horse-crazy child, who has always wanted to learn how to ride? Riding camp at Cougar Mountain Stables is a fun, educational, and rewarding experience that will promote responsibility, build character, and create memories that will last a life time!


Our programs is horsemanship unique, emphasizing the special relationship between children and horses.  Everyone spends time grooming and caring for the horses from the ground, and learning safe ground habits.  We ride primarily bareback, especially with beginner riders. Children learn to ride much faster bareback, gain their balance more quickly, develop a closer relationship and better communication with the horse, and are actually safer without the trappings of tack to get tangled in and distracted by.  We do have a nice selection of Western/English saddles, and our more experienced riders will usually practice with saddles as well.

When your child attends camp with us they will...

  • Learn basic riding skills or enhance existing riding skills with one to two mounted lessons per day

  • Learn or enhance horse management skills: "Horse sense", handling and safety, grooming and tacking, feed and nutrition, health and first-aid, bathing and show preparation

  • Watch demonstrations/clinics with farrier, veterinarian, or accomplished riders

  • Assist with the daily chores that are essential in caring for horses

  • Participate in horse-related activities, crafts, and games

  • Relax by the creek during a small amount of free time


Please note this year masks are optional and no longer required.
Although if your child has covid or sick please keep them home. We will find another camp date to move you to.
Thank you from everyone here at Cougar Mountain Stables! 

Regular Session

Beginners & Intermediate Riders!


Mounted Subjects:

  • Basic Position on the horse

  • How to increase and decrease speed

  • Proper balance on the horse

  • Steering with perfection

  • Standing in the saddle

  • Riding outside of the arena

  • Trail courses

Unmounted Subjects:

  • Characteristics of the Horse

  • General Horse Care

  • Tack & Equipment

  • Farrier Science

  • Breeds & Colors

  • Herd Dynamics

  • Veterinary Basics

  • Barn Maintenance

New this year!

  • More horse games and challenges!

  • Campers will ride twice each day

  • Custom T-shirt and Activity Booklet!

  • Awards daily and high point basket on Thursday!

  • New crafts and activities table!

Kids are broken up into age and experience groups!

Enrollment Cap:

​6 kids per group with 1 lead instructor and 2 volunteers




Monday through Thursday


9:00AM - 3:00PM


Registration opens Feb 1st 2023!

Regular Session
Day Camp Beginner
Day camp adv.


Advanced Day Camp!


Advanced Camp teaches more effective communication with the horse through a combination of disciplines including: western, dressage and jumping, as well as establishing the fundamentals of horse training. Riders learn how to safely care for horses as part of their riding lessons.

  • Correct equitation (posture) in the saddle at all three gaits, walk, trot, canter

  • Developing bend, keeping correct and smooth transitions from one gait to the next. Straightness in all three gaits

  • Smooth transitions using half halts, collection, and extension Identifying (by feel) the correct lead in the canter/lope

  • Demonstrating improved balance, relaxation, and movement with the horse

  • Maintaining a calm, confident, consistent riding manner

  • Correcting horses with firmness, consistency, and gentleness

  • Forehand turns and pivots using proper cues with hands, weight, legs and voice Re-schooling camp horses

  • Learning basic horse training & the evaluation of a horses training level

  • Accuracy in barrel racing and pole bending

  • Advanced trail courses

Riding Sessions:

Assemble the perfect first-aid kit for unexpected emergencies

Lacerations, punctures, colic, abscesses, eye injuries, choke. Equine emergencies happen every day (and night). And the next horse involved could be yours. Would you be ready to handle it? To make sure you’re as prepared as possible, we’ve worked with practicing veterinarians to develop some guidelines we’ll present in a two-part series.

  • Bandages and Padding (sport & medical)

  • Thermometer and Stethoscope

  • Wound- and Eye-Cleaning Products

  • Horse-Care Tools and ­Equipment

  • Develop an Emergency Phone List

  • An Emergency Transport Plan

  • Managing Stressful situations

  • Fecal Exams

  • Vaccinations and Deworming

  • Wound Simulation, students will run through scenario's on how to care for that emergency.

Health Care Sessions:

Ages: 10 - 16

Sessions: TBA

Hours: TBA

Costs: $150


Young Trainers

IMG_1207 2.JPG


Learn how to start a young horse and progress to riding.

We will be going over the fundamentals and advanced stages of horsemanship. Starting with how to start a young horse correctly with over 58+ instructed hours!

We use many well known natural horsemanship methods and teach a diverse style of training methodology which makes our program unique. Over the years we've had overwhelming success starting, working with damaged horses, rescues, and even wild horses.


* 80% of this session's funds will go to The Red Barn Equine Rescue a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to help support young and neglected horses *

Due to our success, we are starting to slowly branch out and offer our program to others looking to learn how to train a horse from the ground up. We teach more than just breaking them to ride, we build confidence, go over anatomy, conformation, behavior, movement, hoof science, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, supplements, talk with veterinarians, work with an amazing team of carriers, and more!

This is a very well rounded program to get you started in the right direction in building a lifetime partner. 

Young Trainers Camp is by application only, to help us ensure that all participants are ready for this challenging, and adventurous program. Applicants must be aged 10-18 and have at least two years of riding experience.

Campers will be assigned a foal (baby horse)to work with throughout the weeks. This gives the handlers an excellent start to developed a bond and trust. Horse ages can range from 1 to 5 years old. 

Trainers will get the opportunity to continue developing their horse's skills. With TWO weekly group lessons and supervised lease days where students come in and work on the training assignments, they were given for their horses. Whichever horse has been chosen will be solely that student's horse for the rest of the summer! 

Students will receive a solid foundation for starting young horses! 

Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 5.13.08 PM.png
Young Trainrs
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